Dogfish Head 4 Pack Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda 4 ea

Scratch-made cocktail. Ready to drink. This scratch-made cocktail starts with our in-house blueberry shrub. A blend of fresh blueberries & blueberry juice. A splash of sweetened balsamic & red wine vinegar that's then macerated with our vodka. Finally, we mix with soda water. For an all-natural tart & juicy refresher. The ingredients used within were sourced from Earth & oven. This cocktail is scratch-made using blissfully inefficient recipes, overactive imaginations & a distillation process of interfering & letting be. We hope you enjoy drinking in the goodness as much as we enjoyed creating it. This scratch-made cocktail is unfiltered. Some sediment is natural. Off-centered people drink responsibly. 7% Alc./Vol. 14 Bottled by Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Milton, DE & under special agreement Memphis, TN & Lacrosse, WI in collaboration with The Boston Beer Company.