Serves 2. The No. 1 brand of freeze dried backpacking food. Convenient stand-up pouch for easy preparation! American Tasting Institute 2003 Gold Taste - Quality Institute International (Freeze Dried Meals Outdoors). Outdoor enthusiasts have made Mountain House freeze-dried food their first choice for 35 years. Why? Because Mountain House tastes better than other brands! At Mountain House we start with fresh, quality ingredients. We slowly cook these ingredients together, then freeze-dry to maintain the robust flavor. Other backpacking food brands consist of only a few freeze-dried ingredients, mixed with dried seasonings and ingredients, which are then blended, not cooked. Mountain House meals are cooked to give you the delicious homemade flavor you deserve. Mountain House takes pride in giving you lightweight, nutritional, flavorful meals that are easy to prepare. All you need to add is boiling water, and in just a few minutes, they are ready to eat! Did You Know - Mountain House is produced by Oregon Freeze Dry, the world's largest freeze drying company. Our freeze-dried ingredients are key components in products of some of America's largest food companies. Oregon Freeze Dry's world headquarters are located in Albany, Oregon.