Hartz Just for Cats Cat Toys, Super Hunters, Just For Cats, Variety Pack

Wand. Plush catnip toys. Light-up balls. Feather toys. Rattle. The Just for Cats Super Hunters variety pack offers an assortment of exciting cat toys that stimulate your feline’s super hunter instincts! There are many ways to play: Interact and bond with your cat using the extendable wand and attachable catnip - filled plush toys; Feathered toys, rollers and balls stimulate your feline’s natural and healthy hunting and swatting instincts! Fun, light - up balls keep your cat determined to hunt and capture these strange objects. Purrfect for households with 2 or more cats! hartz.com. Facebook. Instagram. Every Toy Fills a Need: share play pattern; hunt play pattern; swat play pattern. Made in China.