For ages 3 & up. Happy Easter! No sharp hinges - every egg snaps together! Wash thoroughly before use. Bag to hold product only. Bio-Tec Environmental: This process takes place with or without external sources of light, heat, or moisture. These claims have been tested to ASTM claims have been tested to ASTM D5511 - Standard method for determining Anaerobic biodegration of plastic materials under high solids Anaerobic digestion conditions. Under these condition the Biodegradable Easter glass resulted in 12% biodegradation after 20 days. (Traditional Easter Grass resulted in almost 0% biodegradation). Meets FDA's requirement under 21 CFR 177,1520. Follow R.J. Rabbit's adventures at Rjrabbitsays. Visit us at: Retain this package for future reference. Product inside is biodegradable! 12% biodegradation after 90 days! These Easter eggs are made using Ecopure, technology EcoPure from Bio-Tec Environmental LLC. EcoPure is an additive that allows these Easter eggs to biodegrade in a microbe-rich environment, such as a landfill. Please recycle plastic bag responsibly. Made in Guangdong, China. Made in China.