Three Twins Sundae Cones, Organic

Madagascar vanilla sundae cones topped with chocolate and roasted peanuts. USDA Organic. 1% for the planter member. Ice cream for acres. Inconceivably delicious. We did it! After years of development, I am ecstatic to bring a Three Twin interpretation of the sundae cone to you! It's the first organic one in the market, and I bet you'll think that it's also the best. There's a sundae cone out there named after a poultry leg, and do you know what it lists as it first ingredients? It is - drum roll, please - whey. Not milk, but whey. You might be thinking, no way! But this is, in fact the truth. That iconic brand isn't even ice cream! Our sundae cones take a different route when it comes to ingredients. We start with organic cones that are coated with chocolate on the inside and then filled with organic ice cream that is made from organic milk, organic cream and organic sugar. We top it all off with a drizzle of chocolate and roasted peanuts. And, the results is magnificent. Neal Gottlieb, Founding twin. 6 sq feet. Your purchase protect at least 6 square feet of land through ice cream for acres. Certified organic by CCOF.