Our History

Vintage Ramey Store Front
Vintage Checkout Lanes

In 1919, John Ramey bought a small grocery store in Springfield, Missouri, with his mustering out pay from the Army. It was a small neighborhood grocery store which proved to be successful and, eventually, he expanded to a total of eight small stores.

In 1939, Ramey boldly established the first modern Supermarket in this area. It was located in an empty field outside of town. People thought he was "crazy". Instead, this turned out to be one of the most successful ventures in the food business for this area.

During the war, it was difficult to obtain merchandise for all eight stores, so Ramey consolidated all of his stores into this one Supermarket and permanently closed the other small locations. This transition marked an important milestone in Ramey history. In 1946, John Ramey sold his one Supermarket to two gentleman from Kansas City. These men followed with a second Ramey Supermarket in 1954, another one in 1957, and one more in 1965. All of which were located in Springfield.

On January 15, 1967, the former ownership sold out to a new corporation, the Cohen family through Roswil, Inc., which was taking its first venture into the Supermarket industry. Initially, under the management of Richard Taylor, the small chain of stores grew out of southwest Missouri by acquisition and consolidation in rural markets. Richard Taylor transitioned the management of Ramey to his son Erick in 1993. Erick Taylor and the employees of Roswil continued to expand the company through a combination of acquisition and new store development. As part of this process, Ramey converted stores to the Price Cutter banner, primarily in the metropolitan Springfield, Missouri area. The new store expansion combined with the Price Cutter format, substantially increased overall market penetration.

Today, RPCS, Inc. operates 37 stores throughout Southwest Missouri and parts of Kansas. The company has successfully transformed itself into a multi-bannered regional chain, providing customers with new facilities, full-service departments, more variety, in-store pharmacies, Starbucks, and unique services like Online Shopping and curbside pickup.

Our Banners

Price Cutter Logo

With 20 Price Cutter and 3 Ramey locations spread across Southern Missouri, we are leaders at local. Our goal is to be the neighborhood grocer devoted to delivering the best quality and service at the best value. We have 16 stores that offer Online Shopping and Starbucks, as well as 7 stores with a fully staffed Pharmacy. When you visit any of our locations, you will be greeted by the aroma of freshly baked breads, fresh cut meat, gorgeous flowers, crisp produce, delicious deli meats, and so much more.

Country Mart Logo

Country Mart has 5 stores in Southern Missouri and 2 locations in Kansas with a constant commitment to involvement and dedication to the community. We offer individualized services and products, such as Online Shopping in all 5 of our stores, full service Meat cases, with a variety of specialty cuts, custom cakes in our full service Bakeries, beautiful Floral arrangements and plants, fresh hot food in our Deli, fully staffed Pharmacies in 3 locations, as well as Starbucks and free Wi-Fi.

King Cash Saver Logo
King Food Saver Logo

King Cash Saver and King Food Saver are dedicated to providing the highest quality groceries at the lowest prices. Everything in our stores is priced at cost on the shelf, with just 10% added to the total bill at checkout. You'll find all your favorite national brands, along with a great selection of fresh quality produce, meat, and dairy items. King Cash Saver has 5 locations in Southern Missouri and 1 location in Kansas while King Food Saver has an additional 3 more stores located in Southern Missouri.

The Price Cutter Promise

As your local employee-owned grocer, it is our promise to serve the community to the best of our ability. We promise to serve the community by supporting local organizations who address issues that are dear to our hearts, such as hunger relief, education and health and human services. We promise to serve the community by providing tools to educate and promote healthy eating habits for children and adults. We promise to serve the community by practicing Earth-friendly grocery operations in an effort to preserve our environment. Our goal is to be your neighborhood grocer devoted to delivering the best quality and service at the best value.