Lilly's Floral specializes in a diverse line of international flowers never before available in Southwest Missouri. Exclusively cultivated by the world's best breeders, Lilly's flowers are grown in the mountains of South America between 6,000 and 7,000 feet above sea level — the ideal altitude for healthier, more vibrant flowers. The result is larger blooms that open slower, richer petal colors, taller stems, and longer vase life. Lilly's flowers are sourced from growers dedicated to sustainability. Find out more here

The Always Save® brand is an economic alternative for customers who want the best price with consistent quality. Find out more here

Best Choice

Best Choice® offers customers the best quality for the best price, and items are equal to or better than the national brand quality. The Best Choice® brand products are priced lower than the leading national brands because they don't carry the advertising and promotional costs that the national brands have. Find out more here

If you're looking for more healthful alternatives at prices you can afford, then Clearly Organic is just for you. Not only is Clearly Organic more cost-efficient than national brands, but you can also avoid extra shopping trips by purchasing several conventional and organic products in one place. Find out more here  |  See the full list of products here