Quality Meats, 100% Local

It's important to be confident the meats you feed your family are of the highest quality, are sustainably sourced, and offer the versatility you need for an exciting menu. That's why Price Cutter is the EXCLUSIVE retailer of Show Me Beef, a product 100% local from proud farmers in the Show Me State.

Show Me Beef cattle are grain finished for a minimum of 150 days to produce USDA Choice and Prime beef. Cattle are required to be under 30 months at harvest and only beef breeds like angus are allowed to be part of the program. These standards ensure the tenderness, flavor, and highest culinary quality you would expect from Missouri grown beef.

Show Me Beef's unique dedication to locally sourced beef enables thriving Missouri farms, communities, economy, and people. Keeping each link of the supply chain in Missouri ensures that Missourians are the ones who benefit.


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