Located in Price Cutter, Barrels Wine & Spirits features an extensive assortment of competitively priced beer, wine, and liquor.
Three locations in Springfield:

3260 E. Battlefield   |   4228 S. National   |   1260 E. St. Louis

Looking for something?

At Barrels, we are here to serve you. This means that if there is a product that we don't sell, tell us about it and we would be happy to consider carrying it at Barrels.

Look for our Barrel Buster shelf signage promoting month-long price reductions!
Barrel Buster
Barrels Wine

From fine wines gracefully laid out in our special racks, to Price Cutter’s own Barrels Exclusive brand, Barrels has a wide range of reds and whites from which to choose. Use our free chilling service and have crisp, cool wine in less than 2 minutes.

Mix & Match Wine Cases
Mix and Match Wine Cases
Fine Wine
Over 160 fine wines, both domestic and international.