4 x Black Cherry; 4 x Original; 4 x Strawberry; 4 x Peach; 4 x Raspberry; 4 x Apple. 100 calories. Less than 1 g sugars. Gluten free. Looking for answers? Does it taste like Seltzer or beer? Seltzer. Is there any Bud Light in it? No. Is it gluten-free? Yep. Is it free-free? No, sorry. Is it for non-beer people? Yep. Is it only for non-beer people? No. which flavor should I try first? Lemonade or tea? Surprise yourself. Do I have to be classy if I choose tea? Pinky out. Can I try them mixed together? Absolutely. Are they delicious mixed together? Only one way to find out. budlight.com. TapIntoYourBeer.com. Learn more at: budlight.com. For more information about our products call 1-800-Dial-Bud (1-800-342-5283) or visit us at TapIntoYourBeer.com. Please recycle. 5% alc/vol. 10