99 Schnapps Liqueur, Whipped

Liven up your experience with the exciting flavor of 99 Brand Whipped Liqueur. With 27 flavors and growing, 99 is America's #1 cordials brand. These liqueur shots are an amazing way to celebrate the good times and chill vibes. Each bottle of 99 Brand Whipped liqueur has zero sugar and 155 calories per 1.5 ounce shot. At 49.5% alcohol, 99 can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle as shots for a burst of tasty whipped cream flavor. Perfect for any party or celebration with friends, 99 Whipped tastes great in a multitude of spectacular alcoholic beverages, cocktails and mixed drinks. Add a splash to your hard seltzer for a full flavor explosion or combine this whipped cream liqueur shot with other 99 Brand liqueurs, like 99 Oranges, to make a variety of delicious alcoholic beverages. Store 99 Whipped at room temperature or pour it from your freezer for an icy shot. Live life in color with 99 Brand Liqueur. Please drink responsibly.