Ruffino Brun Di Mont Grep Maz 08

Ruffino Greppone Mazzi Brunello Di Montalcino Red Wine is lush and full-bodied, and ages well with its fine tannins, vibrant texture and abundant fruit note. Composed of sangiovese grosso red grapes, known to locals as brunello, this Italian red wine offers intense aromas of ripe plums, cassis, and maraschino cherry with notes of incense and spicy black pepper. Ruffino Brunello wine is very well-balanced with red fruit, chocolate, and tobacco culminating in a long finish. Each bottle of wine is crafted from the finest hand-picked grapes from the Greppone Mazzi Estate vineyards in Montalcino. After malolactic fermentation adds velvety texture, this Italian wine undergoes extensive aging in large oak casks, stainless steel tanks and bottles. Pair a glass of this fine wine with rack of lamb, seared duck breast or grilled portobello mushrooms. Keep this red wine at room temperature then refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving cool for optimal taste. Please enjoy our wines responsibly. © 2020 Ruffino Import Company, Rutherford, CA