Spicebox Whiskey, Canadian, Spiced

Small batch. Genuine imported 80 proof. Canadian blended rye whisky with natural flavors & caramel color. Lot No: 001372. Blended and bottled by Spicebox Whisky. None genuine without my signature. Master Blender Michel Marcile. Each batch hand selected. True Canadian spirit. Only a passing fancy in Canada, the great experiment of Prohibition ran much longer for our southern neighbors. It was said that Canada quenched the American thirst during this dry time, and our spirited history tells of a unique network of bootlegging, or what we Canadians called exporting! Hiding the contraband cache was a creative pursuit - blind pigs bore false floors, hideaway cupboards, secret passageways and secret boxes. Spicebox was inspired by a crafty Canadian, who would ship the contraband cargo in wooden barrels, black stamped with Spices - all was going according to plan, until a barrel took a spill, and their exporting days were over! The rye whisky in our blend emerges on the palate with notes of pepper and fruit, and is complemented with hints of vanilla, and dried spices in this exceptionally smooth blend. Made with blended rye whisky aged at least 3 years. 40% alc/vol (80 proof). Product of Canada.