Clorox Compostable Free & Clear Cleaning Wipes 75 ea

Safe around kids, pets & food. Cleans without harsh chemicals or fumes. Plant-based cloth. Compostable under home and municipal conditions (For municipal composting, check locally, as appropriate facilities may not exist in your area). Safe around kids, pets, & food. Effectively cleans without harsh chemicals, fumes, or residues. No rinse required. Baby/kids area. Pet areas. Kitchen areas. For home composting. Do not compost wipes if used to clean non-compostable messes, such as human or animal waste. Wipes should generally be no more than 10% of total home compost pile. Safer Choice. Meets U.S. EPA safer product standards. To learn more, and for detailed home composting instructions, visit Questions or Comments? Please visit or call (800) 227-1860. For more product ingredient information, visit Made in USA of global components.