Nellie's Free Range Eggs Large Fresh Brown Grade A - 12 CT

Certified free range eggs. Certified Humane: Raised & handled. Fresh brown eggs. Grade A. No added hormones (All eggs are produced without added hormones). No antibiotics (No antibiotics were used in the production of these eggs). Better lives for hens mean better eggs for you. 100% vegetarian feed and outdoor forage. CA SEF compliant. This package used to be a water bottle. This grass is greener when there is actually grass. We're proud to be 100% certified free range. Learn what that means at Most hens don't have it as good as Nellie's. 9 of 10 hens in the US are kept in tiny cages at giant egg factories housing millions of birds. Sadly, even cage-free is allowed to describe hens crowded into large, cage-like systems on factory farms, who never see the sun. Nellie's small family farms are all Certified Humane Free-Range. Our hens can peck, perch, and play on plenty of green grass. Learn more at Did you know that this recycled egg carton is more eco friendly that paper? Recycled plastic bottles use far less energy and water than paper, and use no harsh chemicals, lowering your impact on the environment. Plastic also protects the eggs from breakage, so they reach your fridge just the way they left the farm! Omega 3: Each eggs contains 70 mg of omega 3. Certified B Corporation. Using business as a force for good. To learn more visit: Want to talk with Nellie's kindness crew? You can call us at: 1-603-Egg-Krma/1.603.344.5762. Product of USA.