EPIC Bites Salmon & Maple with Coconut Oil

7 g of protein per serving. Certified Gluten-Free. www.gfco.org. Soy free. Made with 100% wild caught Alaskan salmon. Handcrafted. Eat like a grizzly bear. 2012. Epic proudly expands the animal kingdom to include one of the most brilliant aquatic species on the planet! Our 100% Wild Caught Salmon is sourced from family owned fishermen based in the famous Bristol Bay Region of Alaska. Our wild caught salmon enjoy nutritious diets high in ocean plankton and enjoy open range swimming that is consistent with how the species has evolved. As a reliable supply of nutritious protein and fat, salmon has long been at the heart of the culture and livelihood of our coastal dwelling ancestors. To compliment the amazing flavor of Alaskan Salmon, we mix this nourishing cold water fish with maple, coconut oil, and a hint of dill. The end result is an Epic tasting jerky bite unlike anything you have experienced! epicbar.com. We're social! Find us online: Twitter; Instagram: (at)Epicbar. Facebook: (at)Eatepic. Questions, Comments, Concerns: Call 512-993-4774. Made in USA.