Every Man Jack Manual Razor, Six Blades

1 Razor handle. 4 Cartridges. Shave. Innovative 6 blade technology. Precision: This handcrafted razor gives you maximum control and maneuverability. With six fine, stainless steel blades and an easy-to-rinse cartridge, it's built for your closest shave ever. The open flow design allows hair follicles and shaving cream to pass through cleanly, eliminating corrosion and extending blade life. Protection: A lubricating strip with an effective combination of Olive Oil, Chamomile & Herbal Extract moisturizes, soothes, and protects even the most sensitive skin. Stainless steel. Designed by ystudios.com. ystudios.com. www.everymanjack.com. 50% (PCR) content. Cruelty free. Please recycle. Made in China. Cartridges made in Korea.