Explorers Bounty Coffee, Expedition Adventure, Decaffeinated, Ground, Dark Roast

Sumatran single origin. USDA Organic. My Dear Colonel Theodore, 1872. Thank you for saving Mortimer, abandoned on a London dock. My boat building business ruined by a devious competitor, I was bound for America is steerage. Your kind daughter rescued Mortimer, taking him aboard ship & feeding him! I offer my services to make your dream come true of traveling thru history to the journeys of our planet's greatest explorers. With heartfelt gratitude, Nigel & his faithful Mortimer. Explorer's Bounty is devoted to making out planet a better place to live. We search the world over for Earthfriendly, extraordinary products that help preserve the environment. We strive to support organic farmers who reduce the pollution and waste so harmful to our planet. At Explorer's Bounty, we believe that Mother Earth is the most important asset for all of us and generations to come. We dedicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of sustainable alternatives and giving you the freedom to choose. Our products speak for themselves. They are nature's finest bounty! Expedition Adventure. A coffee from Sumatra. Well known for its almost syrupy body and low acidity. Powerful aroma and silky finish with naturally occurring nuttiness.