Pepperidge Farm® Texas Toast Frozen Mozzarella & Monterey Jack Bread, 9.5 oz. Box

Made with real cheese. No preservatives. Fresh baked taste. Ready in 5 minutes. A Slice of Bakers Heaven: The best thing since sliced bread? Garlic toast, of course! Make it with premium, select-ingredient bread by Pepperidge Farm and you're approaching genius. Celebrate, cheese lovers. Slice by excellent slice, our Mozzarella & Monterey Jack Texas Toast, a deliciously balanced, cheese duo, is prepared to toast right up to golden perfection. Then, add real convenience to the mix - a must for busy lives and active families. In just moments, experience the warm, enveloping, aromatic bliss of garlic bread emerging hot from your oven. Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast is the simple, easy way to bring excitement to every meal and smiles to your dinner table. Great with soup or salad. Makes the perfect snack. Takes any meal to new heights. Savor the taste. Savor the ease. Savor the delight. Satisfaction guaranteed. if you have questions or comments, please call 1-888-737-7374. Thank you. Labels for Education.