Kahiki® Crispy Tempura General Tso's Chicken 24 oz. Bag

Tempura white meat chicken with a zesty Asian-style sauce. All natural (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed) white meat chicken. Real Asian. Real simple. No MSG (except for small amount naturally occurring in soy sauce and yeast extract). No artificial flavors. Made with all natural (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed) ingredients. No preservatives. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. At Kahiki, we believe Asian food is naturally delicious and always should be. With that belief as our foundation, we've created delicious, uncomplicated recipes balanced with traditional Asian flavors. Each variety of our entrees and appetizers combines classic Asian spices and seasonings with nutritious, wholesome ingredients to bring you great tasting food with a pure, natural (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed) simplicity. From our kitchen to your table we promise: Real Asian. Real simple. Visit www.kahiki.com to learn more about Kahiki and our full range of products, or find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/kahikifoods. Facebook. Made in the USA.