Wolfgang Puck Pizza, Barbecue Chicken

All natural. Mozzarella, Seasoned Chicken, Roasted Red Onions. Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. I know you'll love my pizzas: When I opened my restaurant Spago in Los Angeles, I introduced a revolutionary new concept in dining: gourmet pizzas. An Immediate hit, these signature pizzas featuring fresh and natural ingredients soon became legendary. And now I can offer my delicious gourmet pizzas to you at home. Each pizza is carefully crafted using my favorite recipes and toppings: crusts with a delicate hint of real honey for a chewy sweetness and finished with olive oil, then topped with mouthwatering savory sauces and quality ingredients. Just like in my restaurants, I've hand-selected all-natural ingredients to make the tastiest pizzas available anywhere: I always insist on only the freshest-natural herbs and spices, vegetables, meats an cheeses - and just like at my famous restaurants, the pizzas are made with a signature touch, just for you. Create your own personalized barbecue chicken pizza: Add over top before baking: Extra dollops of your favorite spicy BBQ sauce; crumbled bits of Gorgonzola or bleu cheese; marinated and grilled sliced vegetables (zucchini, peppers, red onions). Or after baking, add fresh tomato salsa or herbs such as basil, oregano or cilantro - I like to sprinkle freshly grated Parmesan cheese before serving, for delicious flavor. Here's how I bake my perfect pizza: My all-natural pizzas are the perfect size for a single eating experience or for sharing. Or, bake up several and slice into small pieces for party appetizers. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture.