Funables Super Mario Fruit Flavored Snacks 10 - 0.8 oz Pouches

More fun on back! Mario. Star. Luigi. Yoshi. Toad. Shell. Fun starts here. Power Up with Mario. Test your Mario knowledge? (1) Mario was originally known as? (2) Which power-up causes Mario to hurl fireballs? (3) What is the name of Mario's arch enemy introduced in the game Super Mario Land 2? (4) What species is Bowser? (5) Who is Mario's younger twin brother? (6) Princess Peach was originally called ? (7) What is one of Yoshi's skills? (8) What is the name of the kingdom Princess Daisy is from? Answers below: (1) Jumpman. (2) Fire flower. (3) Wario. (4) Koopa. (5) Luigi. (6) Princes Toadstool. (7) Swallowing eggs. (8) Sarasaland.