GE Halogen Indoor Floodlight 38 Watt Bulb

Directional PAR20 halogen bulb. Energy-efficient. Cozy, relaxing light. 1 year life (Based on 3 hours use per day). 38W. 490 lumens. 1.4 year life (Based on 3 hours use per day.). Visit us on the internet -; 800-GE-Light. Flood. Halogen bulbs from GE provide a bright, crisp light that makes your home look its best. Floodlights from GE cast a wide beam that adds drama to fireplaces, kitchen counters and entryways. Replace ordinary light bulbs with GE halogen floodlights and spotlights in all your track and recessed lighting fixtures. 25 degrees beam. Halogen bulbs from GE can make your entire home shine! Halogen bulbs from GE can enhance any room's decor. For bright, crisp light that's designed to fit today's recessed & track light fixtures. Made in China.