General Foods International Beverage Mix, Instant, Variety Sampler

Suisse Mocha (naturally and artificially flavored), French Vanilla Cafe (naturally and artificially flavored), Chai Latte (naturally flavored with other natural flavor), and Vanilla Creme (naturally and artificially flavored). Artisan hot beverages. 8 One-serve envelopes of instant beverage mix. General Foods International invites you to savor your day with one of the four rich and creamy international beverages inside. Suisse Mocha: An inspiration from the mountains of Switzerland, the flavors of delicious milk chocolate and rich, creamy coffee swirled together. French Vanilla Cafe: Rich and creamy coffee with a dash of vanilla flavor, inspired by the cafes of Paris. Chai Latte: Exotic tastes of spice and cream; black tea, infused with the flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger, inspired by the ancient recipes of India. Vanilla Creme: Comfort in a cup, the taste of warm vanilla and cream, rich and delicious, with full, frothy sweetness.