I and Love and You Dog Treat, Super Smarty Hearties, with Salmon

Plus DHA. Garnished with coconut, flaxseed + salmon oils. Woohoo! No fillers. Grain free. Nothing artificial. DHA helps support healthy brain + eye development. Holistic. No fillers or animal by-product meals. No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. No corn, wheat, or rice. Caloric Content (calculated) ME: 3,100 kcal/kg; 5 cal/kg. Great taste guarantee. Wags/purrs/high fives guaranteed. If you or your pet aren't 100% happy with this product, please let us know and we promise we'll make it right. We'd pinky swear if, like, pets had fingers. Grain free. No corn, wheat, or rice. Just like we like it. Yep, you betcha. Great for training. A healthy reward. Real salmon 1st ingredient. DHA helps support healthy brain + eye development. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives ever. Fur real. 5 oil blend supports skin + coat. Free of any fillers or any by-product meals. Nothing weird. That's what's up. Call us 855.Ily.Love M-F (8AM-5PM) MT. We'd love to hear from you. Questions: Facebook: facebook.com/iandloveandyoupet. iandloveandyou.com. Dreamed up in Boulder, CO by real fun people. Lovingly made in the USA with handpicked ingredients from around the world.