New. 100% vegan. Free of gluten, soy & oil. Good source of fiber. Cholesterol free. Est. 2006. Thank you for choosing Upton's Naturals. Use Jackfruit to easily make these dishes: sandwiches; salads; wraps; over rice. But the possibilities are endless. What is Jackfruit? Native to Asia, the Jackfruit is recognizable for its spiky exterior, and notable for its many stages of maturity, each of which yields a different texture and flavor. Free of gluten, soy and oil, our young green Jackfruit has a consistency similar to shredded meat. Available for the first time pre-seasoned and ready-to-eat, Upton's Natural's Jackfruit is minimally processed, full of flavor and completely cruelty free, introducing this once unfamiliar fruit to the Western palate. Try our chili lime carnitas Jackfruit as well as all of our great seitan styles. Find recipe ideas & special promotions at: UptonsNaturals.com. When in Chicago, visit our Factory Cafe Upton's Breakroom: 2054 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, Il 60612. Product of Thailand.