Keeper Cam Buck Tie-Down, 4 Pack

6 ft x 300 lbs. 1,8 m x 136 km. Performance engineered. Quick off. Quick on. 1 inch wide webbing 900 lbs break strength. Tie-downs are the fastest, easiest and safest way to secure your cargo. Unlike rope and twine, they work without having to tie knots. Can Buckle Tie-Downs combine security with speed. Small teeth grip webbing tight and a thumb release lever makes using them quick and easy. How to Choose a Tie-Down. This tie-down is designed for light duty applications and is not recommended for motorcycles or ATVs over 300 lbs. If using to secure motorcycle/ATVs, be sure webbing is not worn and use four (4) 300 lbs. Working load limit tie-downs to secure as shown in illustration at right. Suspension should be slightly compressed before tightening. For heavier vehicles, use specifically designed Keeper Motorcycle/ATV Tie-Downs. For all other applications, Keeper recommends using a minimum of two (2) tie-downs to secure cargo and prevent load shift. Each tie-down should have a working load limit equal to or great than the weight of your cargo. Working load limit. The maximum cargo weight a tie-down can safely handle and still accommodate unexpected forces caused by speed, road conditions or emergencies. The Industry Standard for Working Load Limit is 1/3 the break-strength of the tie-down assembly. This tie-down has a break-strength of 900 lbs. and a working load limit of 300 lbs. Made in China.