Maggies Popcorn, Gourmet, White Cheddar Flavor

All natural. No trans fat. No preservatives. Locally owned and operated in the Midwest. Maggie's Gourmet Popcorn is made with specially grown, premium hybrid popcorn that has a soft, tender texture and sweeter corn taste than other popcorn varieties. This, coupled with our careful attention to detail, enables us to provide you with a superior, great tasting product. Our popcorn is locally grown and air popped to achieve a unique, high-quality product that is bursting with flavor. It is then immediately packaged to obtain maximum freshness for your enjoyment. We thank you for trying Maggie's, and hope our product's great taste and convenience will make you a steady customer. Many people tell us this is the best popcorn they've ever had. If you agree please spread the word about Maggie's - we greatly appreciate your loyalty and support for our products! Sincerely, Maggie M.