Bar-S Classic Bologna Sliced Deli-Style Lunch Meat, 14 Slices Per Package, 1 Pound Pack

You probably remember the bologna sandwich of your youth, enjoyed cold with mayo and mild cheese on white bread, packed up in a brown paper bag. The classic American lunch meat conjures a certain nostalgia, but adults continue to enjoy this sliced deli staple for lunch, dinner, or even as a late-night snack. At Bar-S, our bologna is crafted with quality meats, giving it a full flavor and a firm, smooth texture. Take your bologna to the next level by frying it up, along with bacon and melty cheddar or swiss, sauteed mushrooms and onions stacked on a Kaiser roll. Or serve it ground with onions and pickles, for an unexpected and hearty salad or spread. Lunchtime food fads come and go, but Bar-S lunch meat will always be in style. At Bar-S, we’ve spent over 40 years earning a reputation for quality meat products including bacon, hot dogs, sausages, lunch meat, and more. As the only national value brand in the country, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great taste to stay on budget.