Merci Chocolates, European, Assortment

Finest assortment of European chocolates. 8 varieties of rich European chocolate. 32 individually wrapped pieces. Milk Chocolate: solid milk chocolate at its smooth, creamy European best. Coffee and Cream: rich, coffee flavored dark chocolate, atop a white chocolate base. Hazelnut Almond: delicate pieces of hazelnuts and almonds in smooth milk chocolate. Hazelnut-Creme: milk chocolate filled with a smooth, creamy hazelnut cream. Marzipan: marzipan, with its rich almond flavor, inside smooth dark chocolate. Dark Cream: smooth, rich, melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate. Dark Mousse: fluffy chocolate mousse wrapped in rich dark chocolate. Praline-Creme: luscious milk chocolate with a smooth chocolate praline center. Guarantee: Merci chocolates are produced under the strictest quality control and should reach you in perfect condition. If you are not entirely satisfied with this product, please return the box and its contents, stating when and where it was purchased. Storck: Part of your world. Finest assortment of 8 varieties of chocolate. Made in Germany.