Method Dishwasher Packs, Free + Clear

Mineral + plant based stain lifting power. Cuts grease + removes stuck-on food. Squeaky clean dishes? We answered your wishes. Grimy glasses and dirty dishes are no match for the mineral + plant-based stain lifting power in our dishwasher packs. Free of phosphates and chlorine bleach, these powerful little pillows cut through grease and laugh in the face of stuck-on leftovers, leaving dishes sparkling and squeaky clean. Removes 48-hour stuck-on food. Powerful rinse and action. Works hard in hard water. Free of dyes + fragrances. Made by and for people against dirty. We have many more cleaning products at Certified B Corporation: We're certified to benefit our people + the planet. Pouch made from 20% recycled plastic (PCR). Not tested on animals.