Try me. How we make puffed rice taste so good. We start with the wholesome goodness of rice, then puff it to perfection for a taste you'll enjoy with every spoonful. So good for you. Puffed rice is naturally cholesterol and sodium free. It's also naturally fat free, and contains 0 grams trans fat. At 60 calories per servings, it's a wholesome snack or meal for any time of day. Compare to leading brands. We set out to create a lower cost, great tasting cereal that competes with more expensive brands. Try it yourself, and you'll see that we combine quality with lower cost for a tasty alternative. Ounce for ounce, Malt-O-Meal cereals cost less than the leading box brands, but taste just as good. We save by limiting packaging and advertising costs, and pass the savings on to you! Made in USA.