Paddys Whiskey, Old Irish

Blend of grain, malt and pot still. Est. 1779. The Paddy Flaherty brand. Inspired by the man himself. Our Irish whiskey traces its roots back to 1779, but its true name did not come until much later when a salesman by the name of Paddy Flaherty roamed pub to pub with a sales pitch of equal parts smooth triple-distilled whiskey, good humor, and revelry. Paddy was as beloved as the whiskey he sold, in no small part because of the free round he'd give at every stop. It was only fitting that this fine whiskey became known as Paddy's. Gather 'round for a toast to Paddy. Aged for a minimum of 3 years according to the Irish Whiskey Act 1980. Enjoy responsibly. 40% alc/vol. 80 Product of Ireland.