Shine Vitamin D Hydration Water, Kiwi Cucumber

Naturally flavored. 0 sugar. The new hydration water. Vitamin D; key electrolytes; antioxidant from plants. Physician developed. Clinically Tested by College Athletes. No sugar; BPA free bottle; low calories; low sodium; no preservatives; gluten free; no artificial flavors or colors; kosher ingredients. The New Hydration: What is inspiration in a bottle? It starts with a tasty infusion of key vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts working in harmony, and finishes as an authentic wellness beverage with real health value. Physician developed and rooted in nutritional science, Shine Water is designed to support electrolyte balance, physical performance and overall wellness. Welcome to the new hydration - Welcome to Shine. Global Impact: A portion of sales are donated to provide free vitamins to families in East Africa and Central America. Learn more at: You were made to shine. Enjoy cold! Contains approx. 1,000 IUs of vitamin D3. Facebook: DrinkShineWater. Instagram: Shine(underscore)Water. Dispose of properly. Made in USA.