Virgil's Handcrafted Vanilla Cream Soda 4 Bottles 12 oz Bottle 4 ea

It's all about the vanilla bean. Virgil's Vanilla Cream doubles the vanilla to create a super creamy classic. Extravagant and decadent, yes. Heaven-sent, absolutely. Virgil's. Above Soda. Way back before handcrafting was a thing, Virgil had a grand vision—what if he could create a refreshing beverage that tasted like something not of this world? What if he carefully blended the finest natural ingredients? What if handcrafting could add layers of complexity? What if each delicious sip could be rich, creamy, even heavenly? What you have here in your hand is the answer: rich, and perfectly complex. Perhaps the best-tasting craft soda this world, or any other for that matter, has ever known. A lot has changed since that first bottle of Virgil's root beer was poured. But our quest to make all natural sodas that are seemingly out of this world has never wavered.