Jordans Bursting with Nuts Granola Clusters Morning Crisp 12.5 oz

6 g protein (per serving); 4 g fiber (per serving); 27 g whole grains (per serving). Very low in sodium. 50%+ Whole Grain: 27 g or more per serving. 50% or more of the grain is whole grain. Suitable for vegetarians. Non GMO Project Verified. (Meets The Non-GMO Project Standard for avoiding genetically modified and bioengineered materials). Scrumptious. satisfying goodness has been the Jordans' family business for years. It's just what we do. But it wasn't until our founders, Bill and David Jordan, visited America in the 60's that we discovered the delightful crunch of granola. Ever since then, we've been obsessed. Armed with oodles of inspiration, the Jordans' brothers returned to Britain with plans to share this delicious discovery with the rest of the world. Over 40 years later, the British breakfast revolution continues. Today. we still pack our tasty granola cereals with delicious inclusions, flavorful clusters and always with that trademark crunch. Thanks, America, for inspiring us! Now it’s our turn to share delicious flavor and delightful crunch with you. Next time you are this side of the pond, come and visit our old mill, Holme Mills, Biggleswade; a mill site since 1086. Have you tried? Organic original organic dark chocolate wild about berries. Absolutely no artificial colors or preservatives. Visit us at for recipe ideas and information about Jordans Cereals. Made in Great Britain.