110 Calories; 19g Whole grain per serving; 4g Protein. Excellent source of whole grain. Lightly sweetened whole grain cereal with almonds. Diets rich in Whole Grain may help with weight management. As part of an active healthy lifestyle, a calorie controlled diet that includes 3 or more servings of Whole Grain foods per day may help you maintain a healthy body weight A 3/4 cup serving of South Beach Diet Whole Grain Crunch cereal is an excellent source of Whole Grain. (About 16g Whole Grain per serving, at least 48g per day.) Excellent source of whole grain; 0g Saturated fat per serving; 0g Trans fat; 11 Essential vitamins and minerals. The South Beach Diet is a delicious way of eating based on lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, unsaturated fats and fiber. And now, eating the South Beach Diet way has just gotten easier. I'm proud to join with Kraft to launch South Beach Diet foods. Together, we're committed to Changing the Way America Eats. Arthur Agatson, M.D.