Cream of Wheat® Original Hot Cereal 28 oz. Box

2-1/2 minute cook time. Fat free, cholesterol free and low in sodium (When prepared with water and without salt). Excellent source of vitamin D, calcium & iron. 5 Essential vitamins. 8 Essential Vitamins and Minerals including: Excellent Source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron. A tradition since 1893. Swirl it. Drizzle it. Fruit it. Crunch it. Top it. Butter it. Spice it. Even chocolate chip it. Full Bowl. Blank Canvas. If you can dream it, you can Cream of Wheat it? Every breakfast is an original when you make it your way. From childhood classics and fresh combos to a spontaneous mix of whatever's in the house, smooth and satisfying Cream of Wheat makes the perfect canvas for all your most delicious creations. How do you wheat it? Show off your bowl (at)mycreamofwheat. Instagram. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-813-2499 or Visit Try our Delicious Flavors of Cream of Wheat & Cream of Rice Hot Cereals or great tasting recipe ideas, visit Carton made with 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post consumer content. Cream of Wheat Original Enriched Farina is made with ground wheat, has a smooth texture, and is an excellent source of iron and calcium. The traditional cook-on-stove product is prepared by boiling water or milk and slowly pouring in the ground wheat while stirring. Let it simmer while stirring for 1 minute after the ground wheat is blended. This product may also be cooked using a microwave oven for faster and easier preparation.; Fuel up before starting your day with Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal. It's been a family favorite since 1893. A hot, delicious bowl of this Cream of Wheat cereal provides six essential vitamins and minerals, including iron and calcium. It's a naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free food, and it's also low in sodium when prepared with water and without salt.; Families across America have started their day with Cream of Wheat since 1893. Today, the very same products with the same energizing nutrients are bringing back those warm memories of playing outside and loving life in the simplest way. Through the years, we’ve been rekindling the happiest times, through the very same basic recipe, and our oldest secret ingredient: home.