Emeril's New York Deli Style Mustard 12 oz. Plastic Bottle

www.emerilscooking.com. Questions or comments? Consumer Affairs: B&G Foods, Inc. When writing us please include the best by date on package. For usage tips visit www.emerilscooking.com. The subtle boldness of this recipe captures the authentic taste of mustards served in New York delis. A very flavorful spice blend that’s kicked up just right. The color and consistency using coarse-ground mustard seed are perfect. A superior sandwich mustard, true to the name New York Deli Style.; Use Emeril's New York Deli Style Mustard on sandwiches or serve on a cheese board. Spice up marinades, sauces and vinaigrettes. Wonderful in your favorite recipes, and also delicious for simple snacking with crackers or pretzels.; Celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse, creates his signature recipes to bring bright flavors right to your kitchen. Get fantastic flavor with every meal and make the same types of delicious dishes you have seen Emeril make on TV.