Shore Lunch Original Recipe Breading and Batter Mix 9 oz

Old Guides Secret Recipe: For generations, fishing guides handed down their homemade recipe for fish batter. It became known as the Old Guides Secret, synonymous with the flavor of the Northwoods. In the early 1980s Sportsmans Recipes, Inc. acquired this recipe and the Old Guides Secret debuted as Shore Lunch brand. Already a favorite with fishermen, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, our Original Recipe breading quickly became a favorite with discerning consumers. Today, our diverse range of products will show you why Shore Lunch brand is "Where the Journey to Outdoor Flavor Begins." Original Recipe: This is the Old Guides Secret Recipe that made Shore Lunch synonymous with the flavor of the Northwoods. Imitated, but never duplicated, our Original Recipe breading will make your fish crisp, flakey, golden and delicious.