McCormick Gourmet Organic Hot Madras Curry Powder, 1.37 oz

Inspired by the Madras region of India, this aromatic blend of spices balances heat with intense flavor. Use McCormick Gourmet Hot Madras Curry Powder to prepare spicy chicken, lamb and vegetable curries. Located in southern India, the Madras (now known as Chennai) region is renowned for its spicy curries made with a blend of earthy spices and ground red chiles. Our Hot Madras Curry Powder is an authentic blend of fenugreek, coriander, cumin, turmeric, red pepper and garlic for richly flavored meat or vegetable curries with a bit of heat. Use also to kick up deviled eggs, chicken or potato salad, pilafs and roasted vegetables. This hot curry powder is especially delicious in meatless cauliflower, chickpea and lentil dishes.