C&H® Pure Cane Sugar Confectioners Powdered Sugar 1 lb. Box

Enjoy frosting without preservatives or trans fats. People who use only the best insist on using only C&H Powdered Sugar for some very good reasons. C&H Powdered Sugar is always 100% pure cane, made only from real sugar cane. In fact, C&H has never made and will never make any sugar that's not pure cane sugar. There's no risk of getting made from beet sugars that some other brands sell. Make your own frosting in just minutes! Who ever though making homemade frosting could be so quick, so easy, so jam-packed with great flavor! And all without artificial preservatives? Unlike those ready-mixed frostings that can contain hydrogenated trans fats, our recipe calls for pure natural ingredients - pure cane sugar, real butter, real vanilla.