C&H Sugar, Powdered

100% pure cane - contains no beet sugar. People who use only the best insist on using only C&H Powdered Sugar for some very good reasons. C&H Powdered Sugar is always 100% pure cane, made only from real sugar cane. In fact, C&H has never made and will never make any sugar that's not pure cane sugar. There's no risk of getting unspecified quality or made-from-beet sugars that other brands sell. Pure white in color, C&H Powdered Sugar has a delicate soft supple texture so it's a pleasure to sift and easy to mix and cream into delicious, lump-free frostings. Visit us at www.chsugar.com for more scrumptious, spoil-your-family recipes and helpful tips and suggestions! Satisfaction guaranteed. Your satisfaction matters to us. Approx. 7-1/2 cups unsifted sugar.