Natural, flawless, fast colour. Botanical extracts/Vitamin E. Tinted for flawless coverage. Self-tanners work without sunlight to safely combine with the natural amino acids on the surface of the skin. The key ingredient that works on the surface of the skin has undergone decades of dermatological testing and is proven safe. It's the way to gorgeous colour without spending a minute under the sun. Gorgeous Colour Like Never Before: Patented technology brings you ultra natural, fast colour in just 30 minutes: 1. The combination of a tanning agent and a patented colour enhancer come together in two ribbons of creme for a fast-forming, rich, ultra natural looking tan. 2. The unique blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and special skin care emollients hydrate skin for smooth, even colour. 3. A hint of colour for even application and flawless coverage. No artificial bronzers or alcohol. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores. Light, fresh fragrance.