One bottle Simplus. Removes protein, cleans, disinfects, conditions, rinses, cushions. For rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Sterile. Patented. With built-in protein remover for everyday protein removal and easy, no evening rub care regimen for convenience. Rub and rinse prior to lens wear. This unique patented formula is not sold to any retailer as a store brand. Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution is a one-bottle cleaning, disinfection and conditioning product that has the added convenience of a built-in protein remover and easy-to-use no evening rub lens care regimen. Rub and rinse prior to lens wear. Performance and convenience for today's busy gas permeable lens wearer. Cleansing system - Removes dirt and deposits from your lenses without a separate daily cleaner. Protein removal system - Removes protein deposits daily from your lenses. Disinfecting system - Dual disinfection system destroys micro-organisms. Wetting and cushioning system - Retains moisture for optimal lens wearing comfort. Provides extra thickness for cushioning and handling. Because your eyes are so important - Don't experiment with just any brand. Not all gas permeable contact lens solutions are the same. Use only the brand recommended by your doctor.