Lilt Perm, Foam

Gentle no drip formula. Salon tested. For normal or hard to wave hair. Exclusive conditioners: Unique sponge end-wraps for easy rolling; Soft, healthy-looking curls last for months. Lilt makes perming at home easy! Lilt is the home perm that gives you beautiful results with No Drip Foam application, conditioning sponge end-wraps for easy rolling, step-by-step illustrated instructions and exclusive built-in conditioners for long-lasting results. Lilt is the only home permanent with foam application and sponge end-wraps. Foam results in less drip and less mess, and unique sponge end-wraps are easier to grip than paper so perming at home is easy with Lilt. Lilt has conditioners built into every step of the perming process; the waving foam, neutralizer and sponge end-wraps. These exclusive conditioners protect your hair's ends, help reduce frizzies and leave hair feeling soft and healthy. Lilt's easy to follow step-by-step illustrated instructions enable you to achieve great results every time you perm. To get the best results, read all instructions carefully before beginning your Lilt Home Perm. Determining the number of rods and rod sizes you will need. Approximate number of rods needed for: Tighter/Curlier curls; Chin Length Hair: 30-45 Medium & Small Rods; Shoulder Length Hair: 30-55 Medium & Small Rods; Longer than Shoulder Length Hair: 35-55 Medium & Small Rods. Approximate number of rods needed for: Loose Curls & Waves; Chin Length Hair: 20-35 Large & Extra Large Rods; Shoulder Length Hair: 20-45 Large & Extra Large Rods; Longer than Shoulder Length Hair: 30-45 Large & Extra Large Rods. Rod Size Definitions. Extra Large: 3/4 inch, Large: 9/16 inch or 7/16 inch; Rod Size Results: Use larger rods to create waves, looser curls or body. Rod Size Definitions. Medium: 5/16 inch, Small: 1/4 inch; Rod Size Results. Rods can be purchased at any Food, Drug or Discount store. Your Lilt Foam Perm kit contains: Waving lotion; Neutralizer; Sponge end-wraps; Easy to follow instructions. Normal or Hard to Wave Perm kits are for hair that is normal, thick, hard to wave or does not take or hold a set well. Also for children's hair. Color Treated or Thin Perm kits are for hair that is color-treated (single process color only), thin, delicate or holds a set very well. Made in Canada.