Afrin Pump Mist No Drip Allergy Sinus 0.5 fl oz Box

Other Information: Store between 20 degrees to 25 degrees C (68 degrees to 77 degrees F). Retain carton for future reference on full labeling. Oxymetazoline HCl nasal solution-nasal decongestant. Won't drip from nose or down throat. Fast, powerful congestion relief from allergies. Up to 12 hours relief. Reduces swelling of nasal passages. No. 1 doctor & pharmacist recommended. Nasal spray brand. Afrin no drip is a breakthrough in nasal sprays. It stays where you spray it without messy dripping from your nose or down your throat. It starts to work in seconds, providing up to 12 hours of nasal congestion relief without drowsiness. Up to 12 hour relief from nasal congestion. Relief can last all-day or all-night. Questions? 1-800-317-2165. 100% recycled paperboard. Product of Germany.