Kit contains canker relief gel, (stops pain with no burning), soothing mouth rinse (stops mouth irritation), whitening toothpaste with fluoride (prevents and stops new canker sores). Complete relief and prevention. Non-burning. Good tasting. Gentle action. The first Canker Pain Relief Kit to answer all the needs of canker sore sufferers by offering soothing relief and prevention in one complete kit. Relief gel offers instant, non-burning relief when used as a substitute for your regular toothpaste during outbreaks. May also be applied directly to the sore. Mouth rinse is ideal for gentle cleansing and soothing relief during mouth sore outbreaks. Its exclusive alcohol-free formula guarantees no stinging or burning of sensitive areas. Canker prevention toothpaste is clinically proven to reduce the rate of canker sore occurrences by over 80% with regular use. It contains fluoride and safely whitens teeth as it fights cavities.