Refresh® Celluvisc® Lubricant Eye Gel 30-0.01 fl. oz. Tubes

Other Information: Use only if single-use container is intact. Refresh Celluvisc may cause temporary blurring due to its viscosity. Store at 59 degrees-86 degrees F (15 degrees-30 degrees). Use before inspiration date marked on container. Retain this carton for future reference. Misc: 30 single-use containers. Long-lasting relief for dry eyes in a soothing gel formula. Preservative-free. Made your dry eyes feel better with the drops doctors recommend. Refresh Celluvisc: Lubricant eye gel provides extra strength moisturizing relief plus protection for dry, irritated eyes with our thickest gel formula for sensitive eyes. Refresh Celluvisc: Drops come in preservative-free single-use vials and are safe to use as often as needed, so your eyes can feel good - anytime, anywhere. Questions or comments? 1.800.733.8871 Made in Ireland.