Cleanlogic Bath Brush, Bristle, Wooden Handle

Bath & body care. Cleans and exfoliates dull, dry skin. Creates a rich and full lather. The Cleanlogic Wooden Handle Bristle Bath Brush gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin for the ultimate clean feeling. The long, wooden handle makes it easy to scrub hard-to-reach areas while firm bristles create a full a rich lather that deeply cleanses and revives dull, dry skin. With Cleanlogic, you're left feeling smooth and refreshed every time. Thank you for purchasing an IMS Brands with Braille product. A portion of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to the Inspiration Foundation (IF), a nonprofit organization created in honor of my mother, to continue her mission to help people with vision loss live fulfilling and independent lives. - Isaac Shapiro, President/CEO IMS Trading. Brands with Braille. Like us on facebook at Made in China.